(Sodium Feredetate BP)

Ferrazone (Sodium Feredetate BP) is manufactured by Akzo Nobel, The Netherlands. Generex Pharmassist in cooperation with Viridis BioPharma Pvt. Ltd. is involved in the promotion, distribution of Ferrazone and manufacture and supply of formulation containing Ferrazone in India. Ferrazone has several advantages over conventional iron compounds in terms of bioavailability, efficacy and patient compliance. Several large population trials and strictly monitored clinical trials demonstrate Ferrazone's effectiveness and safety for human consumption in the treatment of iron deficiency anemia. Ferrazone causes minimal gastro intestinal disturbances. It doesn't have metallic taste and it is non-staining to the teeth. It meets British Pharmacopoeia specification and JECFA requirements. The vast amount of science, safety, efficacy studies allows its use in a variety of iron supplement aimed at children and pregnant women.

(Recombinant Streptokinase)

Shasun's Biotech is one of the first Indian companies to launch Recombinant Streptokinase. It is manufactured through its unique process developed in conjunction with IMTECH, Chandigarh. It has shown excellent comparability with the Innovator’s molecule and has extensive clinical backing. Their excellent and robust processes have made Streptokinase one of the leading thrombotic clotbusters found in the market today available as a fully formulated vial.