Generex Pharmassist is proud to announce that it is the exclusive marketing arm and have partnered with Cosmas Research Labs Ltd who have put up a state of the art manufacturing plant which is USFDA & UK-MHRA compliant facility. Cosmas facility is dedicated for the manufacturing of Beta Lactum and Oncology with complete product range in the dosage forms of Tablets, Capsules, Dry Syrups & Sterile Injectibles.

This facility is fully equipped with highly advanced manufacturing machinery that complies with International Standards for finished products with stringent Quality Control and Assurance. Fully automatic plant has a highly sophisticated system to handle the transfer of RM through closed systems without Cross contamination. Its on-line in-process controls monitoring the environmental conditions which ensure consistent product quality.


  • Dedicated unit for Cephalosporin & Oncology range of product,both injectable & oral solids.
  • Plant specially designed at low RH and low Temperature, most suitable for Clavulanic Acid preparation
  • Dehumidification system imported from Munters, Sweden.
  • Automatic powder transfer system in OSD in a closed loop.
  • Injectable lines imported from Macofar, Italy in the RABS technology.
  • Water system completely fitted with "Zero Dead Lag Valves" of GEMU, Germany.
  • OEL Level-5 complaint Oncology Print.