Hydralphatine® 3P Asia :

HYDRALPHATINE® ASIA is a moisturizing composition, which activates the physiological storage process and regulates the moisturizing variation. The combination of Asian plants (bamboo, lotus and water lily) stimulates cell renewal. It is a designed complex for hydration and cell regeneration with synergetic effect.

Hydralphatine® 3P (Fruits) :

HYDRALPHATINE® 3P (Fruits) is a dynamic moisturizing composition with a "reservoir" effect. In combination, it is a fruit cocktail with stimulating, toning and purifying properties. This designed complex, with synergetic effect, helps to restore moisturization of young and delicate epidermis.

LNST®98 :

LNST® 98 is a composition rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs), combining the benefits of natural botanical oils and Vitamin E, for a perfect protection from dehydration and inflammation mechanisms. Thanks to its balanced combination, LNST® 98 fills in cutaneous lipid deficiencies, a vital key to protect, moisturize, smooth...

Exo-HTM :

Thymulen 4 is biomimetic peptide derived from the youth hormone thymopoietin which boosts skin regeneration. It also reinforces cutaneous immune defenses.