Generex Pharmassist is a reliable supplier of high quality nutritional ingredients for supply and distribution in the Indian industry. These nutritional ingredients from reputed companies overseas / India are innovative, unique and well documented. They are strongly supported by efficacy and safety studies. Besides offering these ingredients in the Indian market, Generex can also offer branded formulations on P to P basis containing these various ingredients.

Vitamin K2-7 :

Natural Vitamin K2-7 (MenaquinGold) is known as Menaquinone (MK7). Vitamin K2-7 is manufactured by Synergia Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. ( Viridis group company) using a proprietary fermentation technology in a dedicated GMP facility. Vitamin K2-7 is well recognized and accepted as a vital nutrient in the treatment of osteoporosis and bone and joint health. Further, it also has an important role to play in better calcium utilization and metabolism for maintaining cardiovascular health.

Vitamin K2 is arguably the most interesting vitamin of this decade. Its function is unique and its beneficial effects on bone and cardiovascular health have been clearly documented.

Osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease are closely linked: the lack of calcium in bones correlates strongly with calcium and in arteries. This is called the "Calcium paradox" and vitamin K2 plays a vital role in this "double-jeopardy" situation by activating crucial responsible for bone mineralization and cardiovascular diseases.

Vitamin K2-7 is noted for the activation of specific proteins (known as Vitamin K dependent proteins) such as osteocalcin, which helps in deposition of calcium on the bone for joint health, and matrix-gla-proteins (MGP), which prevents calcification of blood vessels and arteries. MenaquinGold (Natural Vitamin K2-7) is the highly bioavailable form of Vitamin K2 with the longest half life in the blood. It is supported by exhaustive safety studies, stability studies, validated analytical methods and IPR.

AlgaeCal is the world's first plant source of calcium introduced by AlgaeCal Inc., Canada. Among the various calcium sources available in the market today, AlgaeCal provides several product differentiation and advantages. Being a plant source of calcium, it is presumed to be better accepted by the human body leading to better absorption and bioactivity. Further, AlgaeCal also provides other minerals and trace elements that act synergistically in promoting bone health. This greatly differentiates it from calcium sourced from rock (namely, lime stone and marble).

Further, AlgaeCal goes beyond bioavailability and addresses the issue of bioactivity by showing efficacy on end points such as osteoblast activity and BMD. Several human studies and safety studies have established its safety and efficacy for use as a widespread calcium supplement.

Univestin is manufactured by Unigen Inc., a US-South Korean joint venture company.

Univestin is a patented joint care natural ingredient clinically proven to alleviate joint discomfort, reduce stiffness and improve mobility as effectively as prescription or OTC drugs. Univestin contains proprietary bioflavonoids derived from two well-known medicinal (Scutellaria baicalensis and Acacia catechu) plants and can be used daily with out the side effects of prescription and OTC drugs, with a long legacy of safe human consumption.

Univestin is effective and safe.