Quality :
We provide a wide range of superior products - from tablets and capsules to pellets and powders - using the most advanced facilities. The entire company is committed to an ongoing quality improvement process. Special emphasis is placed on thorough documentation and review of the entire manufacturing and control process. The documentation system and customized batch documents assure that requirements have been met. These documents are reviewed and updated as necessary to maintain quality standards.

Innovation :
We go a step further - “Innovation beyond technology” is our driving spirit. An attitude that means looking not just at today’s technology or how people use, but how it can be adapted for new ways tomorrow. We believe our efforts, as well as our products, must exceed expectations. It's a philosophy we practice and promote every day. Our goal is to provide our customers products of such high value and quality, they will be proud to do business with us.

Flexibility :
We are customer focused and deliver contract pharmaceutical services with everyday excellence. Our passion and innovation generate quality-based solutions for our partners and the communities we serve. We customize product formulations and packaging configurations in both small and large volumes to meet every customer's individual needs.

Unmatched WorkForce :
Generex's success depends on our people. Our people are our foundation, our future, and our differentiator. Our teams consist of dedicated and seasoned individuals with outstanding academic qualifications, industry experience, and exceptional work ethics and dedication. Our team will work closely with each client to ensure their goals are met.

Reliability :
Best practices and common principles are shared so that we continuously build upon our strong culture of operational excellence so that we can provide on-time delivery, exceptional service at competitive pricing, helping our customers bring world-class products to millions of consumers.